Peer Relations

Shepardson encourages peer relationships in a positive way. By having older students set good examples for the younger students, positive role models are established and bullying is discouraged. There are two formal peer relation programs at Shepardson.

Peer Mediation

Our Peer Mediation Program is a part of our Student Council in which 4th and 5th grade students are trained to help supervise and mediate conflicts during the younger grades’ recesses.  Mediators are trained in skills such as conflict resolution, using I-messages, active listening, assertiveness, and peace-building.  These wonderful student leaders help keep our playgrounds safe and fun for all students. The program is run by our counselor, Angela Mitchell, who may be reached at 488-4531 or

STEM Buddies

The STEM. Buddies program is run by teachers. Older students are assigned younger students to complete STEM activities once a week. This provides leadership practice for the older students helping both students learn.  Students look forward to their time together, and the older students often become role models for the younger students. For more information, talk to your child's teacher.