Problem-based Learning

Shepardson STEM Elementary follows the Problem-based Learning (PBL) Model for STEM instruction delivery. PBL is a learning process where students are given the chance to solve real-world, authentic problems. Students study and research problems and come up with solutions.

2017 Fall PBLs are underway in each grade level. Here's a quick snapshot of the problem titles and statements that each grade is working on. 

Kindergarten - "Helping Houston"

Kids in America have recently been affected by hurricanes and are without basic needs at home and at school. They need your help.

First Grade - "Stay Cool at School"

Shepardson students need a way to stay cool on the playground so that they can be healthy and productive learners when they come back inside. 

Second Grade - "Animals and Humans - Got Space?"

People in our community who want to minimize human impact on organisms need a way to protect and/or restore disrupted habitats so that organisms and humans can coexist peacefully.

Third Grade - "Life Giving Water" 

The Western United States is in a continuous state of drought. People in the Western Region need to understand how water inpacts our environment in order to be responsible community members. 

Fourth Grade - "Waste Busters" 

Shepardson needs a way to reduce waste so that we decrease the impact to our community. 

Fifth Grade - "Living with Purpose"

According to our partners, it is often challenging for residents in senior living facilities to find continued purpose in their lives. The elderly need support in fostering healthy habits and interpersonal connections that help them feel a sense of purpose so they can live a quality life. 

Partners: Columbine Health Systems