Creative Technology

Shepardson Students use Technology to create art.



First Grade Amazing Animals!

Click on the links below to see the First Grade “Amazing Animal” reports. This project  was completed in several steps with the learning target of helping first grade students research a topic using the internet and then putting what they learned into a print format. Using World Book online, each student chose an animal they were interested in learning more about. They learned how to navigate to the website, find an animal, read about it, and pull out facts and information. They typed their facts into a Word document and drew a picture using Pixie. With help from Mrs. Woodcox, they merged their research and drawing into an illustrated report. Mrs. Woodcox then put each student’s report together in class books for each classroom to enjoy.  The  reports turned out being very well done, so we thought we'd share them with you too! Click on the files below to see the Amazing Animal Books from Mrs. Hanson's, Mrs. Harding's, and Mrs. Wood’s classes. We hope you enjoy the final product of our research project!

Mrs. Hanson's Class
Mrs. Harding's Class
Mrs. Wood's Class



First Grade Animal Books!

Take a look at the First Grade Animal Books!  This project connected 1st Grade Literacy with technology. The students worked with Mrs. Rumer during Literacy Encore to choose an animal to research. With the help of Zoobooks and book buddies, they wrote the report. In the lab, they typed their reports using Word and drew their animal pictures using Pixie. Then with the help of Mrs. Woodcox, they merged their report and drawing. We put them together in class books so we could keep a copy in our class room to enjoy.  The reports turned out being very well done, so we thought we'd share them with you too! Click on the files below to see Mrs. Hanson's and Mrs. Harding's class Animal Report Books. The reports are displayed in alphabetical order by first name. Have fun!

Mrs. Hanson's class Animal Book
Mrs. Harding's class Animal Book

First Grade Me Quilts

Take a look at our colorful quilt creations.  This project connected the 1st Grade “About Me” and “Pattern” units.  In the lab, we talked about how quilts are made with special patterns and use a variety of patterns and shapes and colors. We also learned that by looking at some quilts you can learn something about the person who made the quilt.  Although we didn’t use material and sew quilts together, we hope you enjoy our computer generated “Me Quilts” and can learn a little bit about the first graders.  The projects are displayed in alphabetical order by first name and both classes are mixed together!  Have fun!
Click here for the 2010 - 2011 First Grade Me Quilts

Amazing Turkey Rescue!

Oh no! The turkeys don’t want to be eaten for Thanksgiving, so they have decided to disguise themselves!  Take a look at the 1st Graders fun artwork and see if you can guess who or what their turkey is dressed up as.  This project connected with a story called “The Amazing Turkey Rescue.” We read the story together and then created our “Amazing Turkeys” using the Pixie tools we have been learning and practicing with over the past few weeks in the Computer Lab. The projects are displayed in alphabetical order by first name and both classes are mixed together.  Happy Thanksgiving and have a little fun with turkey guessing!
Click here for the 2010-2011 First Grade Turkey Rescue

2009 - 2010


Mrs. Hawkes --Climb the beanstalk with the Kindergarten students in Mrs. Hawkes’ class and see what they would have found at the end of the beanstalk if they were Jack!  Be sure to have the sound turned up on your computer while viewing so you don’t miss the narrations of the drawings by each of the children – their artwork is presented alphabetically by first name.  Enjoy the imagination and creativity of Mrs. Hawkes’ Kindergarteners!
Click here to see the Kindergarten beanstalk projects!

To culminate their Gingerbread Man unit, the children in Mrs. Hawkes' Kindergarten class designed their own Gingerbread Man during Tech Time using Pixie 2 -- a fun and colorful drawing program that helps us connect technology with literacy.  Take a look at their creations -- their drawings are in alphabetical order by first name!   Enjoy the holiday!

Mrs. Aust --While studying the ocean, Mrs. Aust’s kindergarten class researched a specific ocean animal. Kindergarteners read a book about their animal with their fifth grade book buddy. The book buddies helped the kindergarteners write interesting facts about their ocean animal. The kindergarteners used Pixie to create an illustration of their ocean animal and to create a simple report. Students then practiced reading their research.  Students used Pixie to record themselves reading their report. Enjoy their hard work and wonderful creations. Their projects are displayed alphabetically by first name.



See how the First Graders connected technology with their ocean unit!  Each child selected a letter of the alphabet, searched the internet for an ocean creature that started with that letter, came up with an inquiry question about the creature, and searched the internet for the answer to their question!  Then they used Pixie to draw a picture of their ocean creature.  We've put all of their work together to present First Grade Ocean ABCs -- click on the link for your child's class to find their ocean creature creation.  First Graders are really very amazing, so you might want to look at the presentations for both classes.  We are sure you'll enjoy their drawings!
Mrs. Harding's Ocean ABCs

Mrs. Hanson's Ocean ABCs

After reading "Slugs in Love" and brainstorming animal rhyming words, the 1st graders have created their very own special Valentine's Day rhymes!   View their creations -- their pictures are organized alphabetically by first name. We hope you enjoy their creativity!  Happy Valentine's Day!

See the 1st graders' Turkey-In-Disguise projects. The projects are in order by the students' first names.