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James Rumbold

PE Teacher
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About Me! 

My Education and Experience:

PE teacher at Johnson (4 years), Beattie (2 years), Dunn (8-1/2 years)
Colorado State University, BS Sport and Exercise Science
SUNY Brockport (NY) Social Studies license
Westminster College, BA Political Science
Fort Collins Museum Heritage Courtyard Programs (12 years)
PSD ESY (4 years)
Fort Collins Track Club (15 years) 

I grew up a little bit in Rochester, NY, moved to Colorado in 1992 and I am continuing to grow in beautiful Fort Collins. I have 4 brothers. We went to public schools with diverse student populations and sports were a big part of our lives. Now our interest in sports tends more towards staying healthy. I am the only PE teacher in the family so I guess I take it a little more seriously.

I am not a skier but I like to snowshoe when Mother Nature cooperates.

Many of my interests were inspired by successes and failures that I experienced in my long, wonderful life. Health, fitness, nutrition and the environment are interests I have outside my PE teacher role. I have other developing interests (not talents, I'm not there yet) born out of necessity or the influence of good friends or a good book. If you can take on the challenges of daily life and try to do them better or educate yourself about them, you know what I mean. I still rely on those good friends for help.

One of the things I like to do in my spare time is, you guessed it, exercise! Regular exercise has been part of my life since, oh, probably 8th grade. Since my 29th birthday a few years ago, my activities of choice are cardio machines, biking, weights, swimming, and walking. Another part of my daily routine is reading to stay informed about our world. I read "fun stuff" during the summer but most of the time I am trying to learn, so I can make informed decisions about things that are important.

I also spend part of my free time coaching track and field. This is fun because it is team-oriented.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to being a Shepardson teacher.