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I have a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming with an emphasis in creative arts and cultural diversity. I have two years teaching experience in Germany at a Development Center. I also have seven years of preschool teaching experience.This is my eighth year teaching at Shepardson STEM.


I was born and raised in Rock Springs, Wyoming. I had the pleasure of growing up with two wonderful brothers. When I was in High School I met my husband. JR and I married 27 years ago. We enjoyed the early years of our marriage living in Germany and Kentucky before settling down in Ft. Collins. We are the proud parents of two beautiful children. Kellen, our son, just started his second year of collage at WWCC in southwest Wyoming.  We are thankful to be able to see him often as we miss him tons.  Julia, our daughter, is a 7th grader at Lesher Middle School.  She fills our house with the music she loves and keeps us smiling with her fun ways. 

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I love spending time with my family. Our daughter keeps us busy running to her musical activities.  In my free time I enjoy camping, hiking and just being in the outdoors. I love to bake and have thought about opening a bakery someday in the future. My idea of a cozy evening with my family is cuddling up with a movie or a good book!