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I spent 4 years at Whitworth University studying Elementary Education and Spanish. In 2009 I graduated and moved back to the Bay Area where I taught First Grade in San Jose, California for 2 years. After teaching First Grade I taught Outdoor Science for 2 years at a camp in the redwoods near Santa Cruz. I got to hike, collect eggs from our chickens, lead danced for our barn dance, go on field trips to the beach (where we would have squid dissections and plankton observations), be silly at skit night, and study stream ecology. I then moved to Grand Junction and taught First Grade at a bilingual school for one year. My friends told me about Fort Collins, and I moved here after getting a job teaching Kindergarten at Harris Bilingual. I love Fort Collins and am so thankful to be teaching Kindergarten at Shepardson!


I grew up in San Jose, California with 3 fun brothers, 2 loving sisters, and 2 wonderful parents. I now call Colorado home and absolutely love the backcountry here and how active I can be!

Interests & Hobbies: 

I LOVE to be outdoors! My favorite activity is definitely mountain biking. Shredding the buttery singletrack trails in Colorado can't be beat! In addition to riding with friends, I have mountain bike raced the past 3 summers in Laramie, WY. Racing on a mountain bike is challenging, scary, and fun! I have also done a few triathlons as well as a couple half marathons and a full marathon.

When it is summer you'll find me mountain biking, racing, camping, hiking, backpacking. When it's fall you'll find me doing the same plus some road biking and staring at all the fall colors! When it is winter you might find me cross country skiing, crocheting, baking, and wishing summer would come soon!  :) When it's spring you'll find me itching for warmer weather and getting outside lots!