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Music Room - 208
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University of Northern Colorado - Greeley, Colorado: Bachelors in Music Education

Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps - Denver, Colorado: Electronics and Percussion Instructor

Casa Hogar Santa Julia - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Technology Coordinator

Cottonwood Plains Elementary School - Thompson School District: Music Teacher

(Present) Shepardson Elementary School - Poudre School District: Music Teacher


I grew up in Fort Collins and spent my entire K-12 life in Poudre schools. After graduating from Fossil Ridge High School, I moved to Greeley to attend University of Northern Colorado (GO BEARS!!!), where I studied Music Education. While I was there I participated in many of the Band, Marching Band, Orchestra, Percussion, and Salsa groups. Post college, I spent some time living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where my fiance (now wife) and I volunteered at a Girls' Orphanage. After returning, I taught Music at Cottonwood Plains Elementary School in Thompson School District. I cannot express how excited I am to now join the Shepardson Elementary School team and work with the stellar students here.

I do my best to facilitate learning for the students at Shepardson Elementary, not just to know about music, or to be musical children, but to be lifelong musical people. Although I'll see your kids for six years, I strive to do what's best for them for decades after they leave Shepardson. It is my belief that every adult in our society deserves to possess the qualities of being Tuneful, Beatful (I know it's a made up word), and Artful. You will see how the learning in my classroom manifests as your children grow up when they can sing in tune with a community or church choir, perform at a high level in a school ensemble, feel comfortable on a dance floor, love and appreciate the finer and more subtle elements of listening to and creating music, and eventually sing lullabies to their own children, and help to develop a culturally rich society for future generations.

Interests & Hobbies: 

Obviously I love music and I've been striving to improve my craft since my Uncle first showed me a drum set as a child. Aside from my obvious vocation, I am an avid tabletop gamer, car enthusiast, and connoisseur of bad jokes. Of course you can't live in Colorado without getting out and taking a hike once in a while and fishing in a backwoods lake. It is my goal that everyone can learn and grow in some way as a result of me being a part of their life.