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Galaxy Travelers Mileage Club

The Shepardson P.E. staff is hosting a running/walking program called the Galaxy Travelers’ Mileage Club. The program was started for students to value physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction. Mileage Club is open to all students, preschool through 5th grade. The miles students walk/run will be recorded and tokens will be awarded for their accomplishments. Milestones such as 25, 50, 75 and 100 miles will have an honorary award. We will have monthly themes, for example, September is School Day Stomp. Students will earn a special token if they participate during the month.

Even though we are in the remote learning phase and can't be together to participate in Mileage Club, we encourage all students to continue to exercise and be healthy and active. To encourage continued wellness while at home, students may earn miles towards the Mileage Club.  If you are new to the mileage club, that’s fine - you may start now.  You can use the "Mileage Marker" to keep track of your activities and the "Mileage Equivalency Guide" to convert minutes of activity into miles. After each activity use the Mileage Marker to record what activity you did and for how long. Once the month is over, send your Mileage Marker to Mrs. Lemesany, slemesan@psdschools.org. While we are in the remote learning phase, you can pick up your earned Mileage Club tokens when other classroom materials are distributed on Thursdays. You can pick up your September tokens on Thursday, October 1.

Here are the documents you need to participate in Mileage Club remotely - click on the link and print a copy!

Mileage Marker and Mileage Equivalency Guide - REMEMBER! Use the "Mileage Marker" to keep track of your activities! Use the "Mileage Equivalency Guide" to convert minutes of activity into miles.  After each activity, write down what activity you did, for how long, and cross off or color in the number on the Mileage Marker forms.

Contact Mrs. Lemesany if you have any questions or need additional information! 


Monthly Themes


School Day Stomp


Pumpkin Run


Turkey Trot


Snowflake Scramble


Snowman Scoot


Heart Challenge


Shamrock Shuffle


Umbrella Open


Flower Power