School Accountability Committee (SAC)

The School Accountability Committee (SAC) is a site based committee composed of staff, parents and community representatives. The SAC meets throughout the school year, makes decisions that most affect teaching and learning, and reviews goals and student data.  SAC meetings are open to any parent or staff member. Decisions include budget, school goals, major purchases, prioritizing facility improvements, and staffing allocations.

The SAC:

  • Recommends priorities for spending school monies — state, federal, local, grants, and other discretionary money.
  • Sends copy of recommendations to the District Accountability Committee (DAC).
  • Advises regarding school improvement plan or performance plan (principal and school board).
  • Holds quarterly discussions regarding the school’s progress in implementing the accreditation plan.

It also serves as an advisory group for the staff, sharing parent perspectives and ideas. It should be noted that while the SAC makes recommendations, school leaders have the ultimate responsibility and accountability for decision making.

The SAC will minimally consist of seven members:

  • principal or designee
  • one teacher
  • three parents
  • one adult member of a school organization
  • one community member

Parents need to exceed the number of representatives of any other group. Members of the SAC annually select a parent to serve as chair or co-chair. 

2016 - 2017 SAC Representatives

  • Parent Rep: Alisha Duncan
  • Parent Rep: Gail Gumminger
  • ​Parent Rep: Matt Putnam
  • Parent Rep: Jen West
  • Parent Rep: Vanessa Wilhelm
  • PTO Rep: David Worford
  • DAB Rep: 
  • Community Rep: Bonnie Swing
  • Principal: Alissa Poduska
  • Assistant Principal: Wayne Thornes
  • Certified: Sarah Hufnagel
  • Classified: Sharon Aberegg