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Staff Directory

Staff Name Postition E-Mail
Aberegg, Sharon Office Manager saberegg@psdschools.org
Adleman, Laura Instructional Paraprofessional lsnow@psdschools.org
Armiger, Mary IS Teacher marmiger@psdschools.org
Beckley, Stephanie Instructional Paraprofessional sbeckley@psdschools.org
Beese, Laura Music Teacher lbeese@psdschools.org
Belcher, Lainie ELD Teacher lainieb@psdschools.org
Bergeron, Angela Fifth Grade Teacher abergeron@psdschools.org
Bockhaus, Lynn GT Paraprofessional lbockhau@psdschools.org
Bray, Matthew PE Teacher mbray@psdschools.org
Brethauer, Alberta Food Service abrethau@psdschools.org
Chitwood, Morgan Autism Teacher mchitwood@psdschools.org
Clark, Emily Fourth Grade Teacher eclark@psdschools.org
Cosgrove, Grace Instructional Paraprofessional gcosgrove@psdschools.org
Decker, Teghan Fourth Grade Teacher tdecker@psdschools.org
Decker, Louise Health Technician ldecker@psdschools.org
Durkin, Jennifer Counselor jdurkin@psdschools.org
Dyer, Jodie Pre-K Paraprofessional joannad@psdschools.org
Ewan, Rhonda Speech/Language OT rewan@psdschools.org
Fitzpatrick, Katie Kindergarten Teacher kfitzpat@psdschools.org
Foster, Michael Fifth Grade Teacher mfoster@psdschools.org
Garvin, Patty Food Service pgarvin@psdschools.org
George, David Behavior Support Paraprofessional dgeorge@psdschools.org
Gillispie, Eleanor IS Paraprofessional egillispie@psdschools.org
Hale, Stacy Instructional Paraprofessional shale@psdschools.org
Hall, Ryane IS Paraprofessional rhall@psdschools.org
Hammer, Heidi Second Grade Teacher hhammer@psdschools.org
Hammons, Sheila IS Paraprofessional shammons@psdschools.org
Hanson, Pauline Custodian phanson@psdschools.org
Hawkes, Lesley Second Grade Teacher lhawkes@psdschools.org
Henry, Guy Food Service ghenry@psdschools.org
Holm, Taylor Pre-K Teacher tholm@psdschools.org
Houghton, Jane School Nurse jhoughton@psdschools.org
Hromatka, Leah Second Grade Teacher lhromatka@psdschools.org
Hufnagel, Sarah First Grade Teacher sarahh@psdschools.org
Kechter, Molly IS Teacher mollyk@psdschools.org
Keen, Adriane IS Paraprofessional akeen@psdschools.org
Keesler, Lucy IS Paraprofessional lkeesler@psdschools.org
Key, Ronnie Custodian rkey@psdschools.org
King, Leila Fifth Grade Teacher lking@psdschools.org
Kirkwood, Andrea Third Grade Teacher akirkwood@psdschools.org
Lemesany, Shari PE Teacher slemesan@psdschools.org
Lengel, Addi IS Paraprofessional blengel@psdschools.org
Lindsay, Angeles IS Paraprofessional angelesl@psdschools.org
Mann, Dori Instructional Paraprofessional dorim@psdschools.org
Mason, Regan Fourth Grade Teacher rmason@psdschools.org
McConnell, Jessica Kindergarten Teacher jessicam@psdschools.org
McGinley, Rachel IS Paraprofessional rmcginley@psdschools.org
Meikel, Carlos Art Teacher cmeikel@psdschools.org
Meyer, Dawnel Office Clerk dmeyer@psdschools.org
Middaugh, Kristine Psychologist kmiddaug@psdschools.org
Mitchell, Angela Counselor amitchel@psdschools.org
Monks, Julie Technology Teacher jmonks@psdschools.org
Monnier, Jennifer IS Paraprofessional jmonnier@psdschools.org
Newberg, Melissa Pre-K Paraprofessional, IS Paraprofessional mnewberg@psdschools.org
Nicholas, Melissa Literacy Teacher mnichola@psdschools.org
Offord, Karen IS Paraprofessional kofford@psdschools.org
Pensick, Abby IS Paraprofessional apensick@psdschools.org
Ryerson, Maureen Third Grade Teacher mryerson@psdschools.org
Schutt, Alison Media Specialist aschutt@psdschools.org
Seufer, Jessica Third Grade Teacher jseufer@psdschools.org
Siegel-Halstead, Shelby IS Paraprofessional ssiegelhalstead@psdschools.org
Stevenson, Cerissa Literacy/Math Teacher cstevenson@psdschools.org
Stubblefield, Katelynn Occupational Therapist kstubblefield@psdschools.org
Sutton, Laura Assistant Principal lsutton@psdschools.org
Thornes, Wayne Principal wthornes@psdschools.org
Torgerson, Gabriella Kindergarten Teacher gtorgerson@psdschools.org
Trinkaus-Randall, Jennifer Autism Teacher jtrinkausrandall@psdschools.org
Whitlock, Rachel First Grade Teacher rwhitloc@psdschools.org
Wilson, Leslie Art Teacher lwilson@psdschools.org
Withrow, Ashley Building Substitute awithrow@psdschools.org
Wood, Kirsten First Grade Teacher kwood@psdschools.org
Woodcox, Becky STEM/PBL Coordinator and Media/Technology bwoodcox@psdschools.org
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.